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Monday, November 3, 2014


Okay my blog just...died.

A year plus of not updating and I'm not sure when would I update again. Heh.

12.37 a.m. Monday.

And still awake. And setting the alarm at 6.20 a.m. Basically less than 6 hours of sleep. I'm not sure how I would be up.

Okay. Bye! I'll be back! :D

Sunday, August 18, 2013

August 2013 Bellabox Singapore

So long since I post about beauty boxes and now, let me just show you the contents of my Aug Bellabox which is pretty awesome!

1. Wotnot Facial Wipes (5 wipes)

Well, it's said that they're Natural Organic! Wow! Can even remove waterproof mascara? Wow!! Suitable for sensitive skin? Wow!!! Another plus point, they donate percentage of each sale to Bear Cottage children's hospice. WOW!!! I've tried it out on my full face make up, with eyeshadow, 2 coats of mascaras, foundations, primers, and you know what? I am sold! I want to buy this!! This is apparently the best make up wipes I've ever tried! It's a very big sheet and one sheet is enough to clean my whole face. Impressed! Now, where can I buy this??

2. Dermedex Challenge Pack

It consists a cleanser and refining cream. The cleanser is said to help achieve a brighter and clearer complexion when being used regularly. Refining Cream 2 says it's quick and effective for problem probe skin like pimples, big open pores {I have A LOT! :( } and dull appearances. Regular use will encourage skin's natural defense to resist blackheads(my problem again...), reduce redness and irritation. I am so going to try it! Big pores and blackheads, shoo away!

3. L'egere Aqua Soothing Essence-In CC and Magic Skin Beautifier CC.

I believe it's a CC cream but I don't know if it has colour or not and how to use because the packaging is all written in Korean and Chinese *gasp*. Alright I'll do more research about it...

4. HARNN Oriental Rose Hand Balm with Coenzyme Q10

First of all, I love the box cos it's a rare shape of diamond instead of square. Like this :

So unique! And the red-gold flower-ish design to show that it's from Thailand. It is said to keep our hands hydrated, softened, as well as strengthening our beautiful nails(I'm quoting the box description). So thoughtful rite! I was a bit reluctant to open it cos I still have a huge tube of hand cream but I decided to try it anyway, thinking it's good for carrying around in my bag. Boy, the smell is so flowery. It has a mix of organic rose water and shea butter and some ingredients. Boy, it only lasts for 6 months after opening it. Means I have to use hand cream more often eh! 
My first impression review of it : smells good, refreshing, not sticky and only a bit oily! I'm curious about the long term result eh!

5. TEAISM brew comfort and brew energize

I saw a review of this showing that we just put the whole sachet into a cup of hot water. No mess at all! So convenient! I'll try it the next few days for the taste hehe!

6. Modelco Cheek + Lips Tint in Rosy Red (5ml)

It smells pretty sweet! Colour wise, I think I have to put a bit more to get more pigmented look. The texture is quite thick too which makes the blending process a bit tricky. I tried it on my hand and I saw my finger is more red than my hand D:
Nonetheless, the colour is quite natural and this little tube can last for quite a long time eh!

7. Mini Make Up For Ever Lipstick in Rouge Artist Intense No. 42. (3.5gr)

It's super cute! The colour is red some more! I've been wanting to try red lip colour but I never have the gut to try cos I simply fear the colour will make me uglier. But this!! After I put it on, maaaann, even with bare face, it changes my look in a blink! I can just go out with the red lips haha! But I don't know if it's because I'm noob in applying lipstick or it's a new, untouched lipstick, I do get trouble when first applying on my lips. It's quite dry and makes the application not that smooth. And I don't know if it's like that or that I put too much coats, the lipstick just transfers to my hand 5 minutes after application. Ok, not gonna do any review about the lipstick anymore cos I'm still super new to lipsticks. My review will just be super unfair haha! But this last product just made my day and officially made this box as my best Bellabox ever!(ok maybe bcos  I forgot about what I got from my old Bellaboxes also haha!)

Nonetheless, thanks for reading and if keen, follow my blog! What's your favourite item in YOUR Bellabox? Tell me about it! :)

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Good Song Recommendation #1

Hello, peeps!

I'm here to recommend one song that I just encountered and immediately fall in love with.

Beautiful Day by Ryan Huston


Enjoy! Recommend me some song too on the comment below!



Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Smelly keropok

Mom's opening a tupperware bin with keropok(it's like a rice/fish cracker or something) inside. I was sitting 2 metres apart, having fruit tart.

Me : Yaikssss, why the whole house smells like fart? Omg super smelly!
Mom : *taking out a spicy keropok from the bin*
Me : WAAAAA from your keropok ahh, Mom? Waaah you sure you didn't buy something wrong?
Mom : *smiled sheepishly*

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Make up removers tried and tested

Hello peeps!

Alrighty, this will be a quick post.

First of all, I'll put a disclaimer here first:
I am not affiliated or sponsored by all the products mentioned. I bought them using my own money, be it through shops or beauty boxes. All opinion stated is honest. And also, please pardon me for ugly photo quality cos I'm taking the pictures using iPhone 5 camera.

Ok long story short, I'm testing the efficacy of these 4 make up removers. I used a lot of eye-related products like eye liners, eye shadow and mascara in this test.

Here are the products:

Okaaay, maybe you can't see the products' names so here is the list of the products from left to right:

1. MAYBELLINE 2-in-1 impact shadow liner
2. K-PALETTE real lasting eyeliner 24h 1-day tattoo
3. MEMEME eye line eye pencil in coal
4. SEPHORA contour eye pencil 12h wear waterproof
5. MODELCO eyeliner
6. MAYBELLINE eyestudio lasting drama gel eyeliner
7. MAYBELLINE the magnum volum express waterproof
8. MAYBELLINE the false lash everlasting volum express waterproof

Here are the results after I wiped them ONCE using each of the 4 make up removers.

The top part is smudge test and I can say, K-Palette is staying like a tattoo. I smudge those eye products after I let them sit on for 5 minutes. Going strong eh!

Here are the names of the make up removers:

1. BIFESTA sebum cleansing lotion
2. SHISEIDO SENKA perfect watery oil
3. SILKYGIRL gentle eye & lip makeup remover
4. NUXE fondant cleansing gel face and eyes with rose petals

My verdict:

1. In the picture, it seems like bifesta only cleaned a little bit of products. But I personally think it's a great make up remover because I did try it on my eyes before, to clean eyeshadows and K-Palette 1-day tattoo eyeliner and boy, I just put the cotton pad on my eyelid for 5 seconds and swiped, poof, it's clean! And it's water based, which means there's no need for double cleansing.
So my rating is 4/5.

2. This one cleaned the gel liner(product no 6) pretty ok and also the shadow liner(product no 1). It's my first time trying it so I can't really judge. But well, it seems like a pretty good product.
Rating : 3,5/5.

3. Clearly shown, there's about 70% of the make up is cleaned! Not bad! Pretty impressive eh! Even the gel liner is almost gone. What I don't like is, it's a tad oily. Nonetheless, rating is 4/5.

4. As shown, this one might be the least preferred, imho. Ok, I'll use it for maybe eyeshadows and foundations. Maybe i also have to put the cotton on the makeup longer too. Good part of this is that it's gentle and smells super good! But it's a no for gel liner and waterproof mascaras.
Rating : 3/5.

Alrighty! Hope my reviews are useful. Thanks for reading, guys. Please do share with me, what is/are your favorite make up remover(s)? And recommend me what to try and review maybe? 

Monday, June 10, 2013

Tangle Teezer Compact Styler - Bag Friendly

Hello peepppsss!

I'm not going to bother apologizing for my lack of updates. Duh. Bad habit, self, bad bad habit.

Ok this is going to be a short post.
I just saw my referrals on my blog like what's the search keywords and found out it's about where to get Tangle Teezer at Singapore.

Well, I personally didn't buy it at Singapore. I bought it online through (and no, I'm not affiliated or such with them, I purely bought them using my own money)

They sell A LOT of products so yeah, happy shopping! I would recommend you to have registered mail. Don't be stingy and save up like £5. You'll regret. Cos I experienced both delivery methods haha!

Normal delivery is free(if I'm not wrong la!) to Singapore but! It takes like 2 months to reach me TT_____TT
My first order was using Registered Mail and the items(uh I bought like £60++ worth of products la) came within a week!

Then my 2nd order, I only bought a Tangle Teezer compact one, so I opted for normal mail. I was promised that tthe item would reach me in maximum 4 weeks but I waited and waited, gah 2 months.

Ok long story short, opt of registered mail if you need it urgently.

Back to the point (erhhh I said it's gonna be a short post rite? Haha! What an irony)

Ok where to get the Tangle Teezer at Singapore??
I apparently saw them in 2 places.

1. Watsons at Ngee Ann City. It's put around the hmm, I think shampoo isle? Or near Vidal Sassoon products? Or shower cream isle? Wah around there lah, I can't remember the details haha!

2. Topshop at Tampines 1 and ermm, the one beside Abercrombie and Fitch. I don't know about other Topshop(s). Topshop obviously has more choice than Watsons laa but be prepared, Tangle Teezer is not cheap. The price is ranged in $20-$30. Or maybe more. That's why I bought it online haha!

Eh I got the bag friendly one!


Hehe! I actually uploaded it on my Instagram (@pikapikh).  Ok more photos here!

There's a cover on the bristles! That's why my title says Bag Friendly haha! But I'm too kiasi(scared of death, yup translated literally), I have a pouch for this heheehehehehehehe :p

Alrighty! Hope this post is quite useful for you. Thanks for visiting! Toodles!

P.S. I just found out the iPhone Blogger App now can insert photo on posts like the above. Usually they have an upload photos button and the photos will appear at the end of my post and I can't write words below every photo. Ok lah, maybe I'm a noob, maybe it's actually available since ages ago. LOL never mind, it means now I know I can! I'll try to blog more then yeheeee!

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Essential Oil

Bro : Eh mom, you see, sister's essential oil.
Me : That's for me to have good sleep, cos I couldn't sleep well
Bro : *reads the bottle* Wah! Deep sleep, no wonder she won't wake up no matter what noise at outside haha! Eh mom, come, smell it! *put the opened bottle towards Mom's nose*
Mom : *immediately sleeps, lie to the wall*

Bro and I : duh hahahahahahaha! Mom -.-